Welcome to Walnut Loft NY, an event space and photo/film production studio designed to suit the needs of a wide-range of diverse patrons. Our facilities include two rooms: Loft A which is approximately 3,000 sq ft, and Loft B which is approximately 1,000 sq ft. Both rooms have ceilings at least 12ft high which provide a spacious décor for events and an excellent opportunity for photographers, videographers, and film directors to create.  We also have a 20x20ft cyclorama wall located in Loft A that serves as the premier location for many of the shoots that take place in the facility as well as a unique VIP space for many of the events that we host. Although weekdays are primarily used for studio rental purposes, and weekends for event space rentals, we pride ourselves in being flexible and try to accommodate our clients’ schedules and budgets as best we can.  (Events can be scheduled during weekdays, and photo/film shoots can be scheduled during weekends upon request and depending on availability.)  It is our goal to provide you with excellent service that makes your time with us productive and enjoyable, and we hope to hear from you soon so that you can schedule a walk-through of our facility.

Event Space

Loft A

  • 3000 sq ft
  • Daytime: (12pm-6pm) $1800
  • Evening: (8pm-2am) $1800


Loft B

  • 1000 sq ft
  • Daytime: (12pm-6pm) $1000
  • Evening: (8pm-2am) $1000



  • Cyclorama Wall 20×20
  • Total Space 3000 sq ft
  • Contact us for pricing info



  • 1000 sq ft
  • Contact us for pricing info